From type 75 and up, 2 taper roller bearings are mounted on the wormshaftmwheel. Moreover, the combination of this characteristic and 2 nilos (mounted on size 75 and up to keep lubrication grease inside the bearings even when they are not touched by the oil bath), permits the mounting of the whole BOX range, from the size 25 to the size 150, in the positions V5 and V6 without any need of additional interventions.
The new patented “BOX” series of worm gear units is made with die-casting aluminium housing from size 25 up to 90, and in cast iron from size 110. The housing has been designed with parametric three-dimensional CAD SW supported by programs of analysis of the thermal dissipation capacity and the structural resistance/deformation.
Lubrication is already provided by motive with long-life synthetic oil up to size BOX90, and with mineral oil from size BOX110. The gear unit is equipped with a full set of filler, level and breather plugs, permitting all mounting positions and facilitating the management of the stock.
An epoxy paint coat cancels the negative effects of the aluminium porosity and protects the housing from oxidation.
2 safety plastic covers on the output are always provided to protect BOX during transportation and storage, and then the user from accidental contacts with moving parts.
In order to increase silence, efficiency and duration, the wormshaft is made in case hardened steel and ground machined, while the worm wheel is in shell cast ZCuSn12 bronze.
Mating surfaces are machined for a perfect planarity.
Mounting positions B6 or B7 are also permitted on all the BOX series, thanks to the adoption of 2RS autolubricated bearings on the output gear. In conclusion, the whole BOX series can be mounted in any position with no need of specifications in the order.




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BOX motor type max Nm
(4 poles)
25 56 13
30 56-63 19
40 63-71 39
50 63-71-80 74
63 71-80-90 135
75 80-90-100-112 205
90 80-90-100-112 360
110 90-100-112-132 675
130 90-100-112-132 850
150 100-112-132-160 1200







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