SIZE 160-355
Motive three phase motors from size 160 up to size 355 are made in cast-iron and have all those main features of the Delphi series, among which:
• standardized dimensions according to International standards (IEC 72-1)
• multiple voltage and multi-frequency 50/60Hz,
• F class insulation, [oupon request H or H+ (delfire)]
• S1 continuous duty service,
• IP55 protection (IP56, 66 and 67 on request)
• tropicalized winding and reinforced insulation
• suitable for inverter power supply* [from 110kW and up we
recommend to order the motor with insulated barings (option)]
Keeping the same sealing system of the whole delphi series, the terminal box up to size 280 is made in aluminum, thus guaranteeing its IP65 protection index without being affected by the usual finishing imperfections of the cast iron
From size 160 up to 280, we mount ZZ auto-lubricated bearings, thus avoiding the need of a periodical re-greasing maintenance
Note: during the years 2016 and 2017, the motors size 180-280 might still be equipped by lubricators and open bearings, because of the time needed to update them
Instead, from size 315 and up, they are provided with lubricators. 4, 6 and 8 poles motors drive end bearings are in fact of open roller type, in order to withstand eventual extraordinary radial loads (see paragraph "components list")
provided with 3 PTC thermistors that protect the motor and the system by operation anomalies
equipped by lifting eyebolts [one for B3 version (feet fixing), two for B5 version (flange fixing)]
The terminal box can be rotated of 360° with steps of 90°
Given the high torque, the fixing from size 180 up is ensured by feet integrally casted with the housing
Upon request, motive can anyway mount the terminal box laterally, on the right or the left
NOTE: during the years 2016 and 2017, the motors size 160 might still be equipped with detachable feet, because of the time needed to update them




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  • 参考国际标准IEC72-1的标准尺寸,
  • 多电压和多频率50/60Hz,
  • F级绝缘,「可要求H级或H+(Delfire系列)」
  • S1 连续运转,
  • IP55防护(可要求IP56,66,67)
  • 适合热带气候的绕组和加强绝缘
  • 适用于变频电源*「110kW以上,我们建议订购电机带有绝缘轴承(可选)」

IE2,高效等级IE 60034-30







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