Programming and control, that is also remote and wireless. A drastic reduction of installation costs.
A keypad can control simultaneously, or separately, up to 8 motors.
To maintain the degree of protection and eliminate fragile and complicated connectors, the keypad is automatically powered by induction when the panel is housed in the lid of the NEO, or, when remote controlled, it is automatically powered by rechargeable batteries that are provided standard, or by BLOCK.
High degree of protection, against dust and water, for outdoor use.
The keypad can be positioned or removed from its seat without any tools, because it adheres to it with 4 magnets.
Rotatable keypad.
The keypad is available in two versions: with or without analogue controls.
The keypad can be fixed to a metal wall with its magnets or to a concrete wall using inserts.
Incorporated filters of NEO-Wifi-11 make it suitable for industrial environment EMC. NEO-WiFi-3 EMC is compatible not just with Industrial environment, but also light industrial, commercial and residential environments.
Any NEO can be fixed to a wide range of motors of different power and size.
Equipped with PC interface SW for event analysis.




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NANO is for single phase 1PH supply, three phase 3PH motors. This permits NANO to add to the well-known power saving of variable speed drives, the possibility to replace the single phase motors (technically losing lot of power) with the higher efficency IE2 and IE3 three phase motors.

  • Setting and command can also be made by a PC, thanks to the free PC interface program “Motive Motor Manager”
  • NANO can be commanded by analog controls or MODBUS.
  • Thanks to BLUE, motive bluetooth transmitter for NANO and NEO, and to the free App NANO, you can make the setting or command NANO via tablets or smartphones.
  • Any NANO can be fixed to a wide range of motors of different power and size.
  • A flashing led shows you from far the good working or the presence of an alarm event.
  • NANO is modular, for a better adaptation to the specific needs of each application.
  • Extractable terminals simplify the wiring.
  • The EMC filter makes NANO compatible not just with industrial environment, but also with light industrial, commercial end residential environments.
  • A voltage booster guarantees a stable torque Nm at very slow speed too.
  • NANO is also offered in the versions "NANOCOMP", "NANO-VENT" and "NANO-OLEO", with a SW specifically modified for the automatic speed+power adaptation to the required pressure and variable flow rate of air compressors, fans, pumps, hydraulic power packs.

Table RP: Power range of motors that can be connected (at 230Vac)

KW motor 0,13 0,18 0,25 0,37 0,55 0,55 0,75 1,1 1,5 1,9 2,2

Table RD: Size range of IEC motors that can be connected

IEC motor 63 71 80 90S 90L 100L 112M 132S
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