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NEO-VENT VFD control unit for air suction and ventilation

… evolution of the famous remote controlled patented “NEO-WiFi” drive, NEO-VENT controls the air pressure in the system to keep it constant, thus adjusting automatically the motor speed and the consumed power of the ventilation and suction systems in residential and industrial applications, according to the air flow requested in each moment by the users.

Motive lists 5 main reasons to use NEO-VENT

  • Motive 1: less equipment
    With NEO-VENT you don’t need anymore cabinet, emergency button, switch, motor control relay, motor overload protection automatic switch and shutter
  • Motive 2: energy saving
    With traditional systems, the motor keeps on running and consuming at 100% of its rated speed, no matter if the requested flow rate is less. With NEO-VENT the speed reduces according to the used air, and the consumed power decreases exponentially according to the speed reduction
  • Motive 3: soft start
    Traditional ventilation and air suction systems have an abrupt start and overcurrent while NEO-VENT has a soft start
  • Motive 4: silent
    Traditional ventilation and air suction systems run always at 100% of their speed, while NEO-VENT makes the motors run only at the really needed speed
  • Motive 5:
    NEO-VENT adjusts itself automatically without any need of external intervention

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