Uniquely contoured, rigid, precise, monobloc, cast iron Body, Base and Flange ensure extreme robustness
A modular design with detachable output flange and integral feet permits the easy and fast conversion between flange or foot mounting
Bevel gears in the middle stage, to be more silent and, at the same time, reach a higher service factor
IEC flange and hollow shaft. Choice of hollow input flanges permits direct mounting of any standard motor
Unique construction of Enduro makes it possible to mount any size in any position
5 interchangeable plugs, including one breather plug and a level plug. Please note that the vent plug also allows you to reduce the internal pressure on seals, and thus increases the efficiency of the gearbox
+ mechanical parts locked in their positions by snap rings and spacers. This also ensures better absorbtion of axial thrust and prolongs the life of bearings




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ENDURO is the new bevel gear reducer. In cast-iron monolithic body. 3 sizes, with a capacity of up to 600Nm. MADE IN ITALY

ENDURO motor type max Nm (4 poles)
3 63-71-80-90-100 230
4 71-80-90-100-112 400
5 71-80-90-100-112 600

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