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control units for single phase and three phase hydraulic power packs

… evolution of the famous “NEO-WiFi” and “NANO” drives, NANO-OLEO and NEO-OLEO control the oil pressure and the flow rate of single phase and three-phase hydraulic power packs up to 22kW, thus automatically adjusting the motor speed and the consumed power, according to the work load in each moment

Motive lists 5 main reasons to use NANO-OLEO or NEO-OLEO:

  • Motive 1: Energy saving
    With traditional systems, the motor keeps on running and consuming at 100% of its rated speed, no matter if the requested flow rate is less. NANO-OLEO and NEO-OLEO, instead, let you save energy up to 80% by setting the pressure and the flow rate of the hydraulic power pack according to the work real needs
  • Motive 2: Soft start
    NANO-OLEO and NEO-OLEO have a soft start, and cancel overcurrent start peaks
  • Motive 3: More silentup to -20 dB.
    NANO-OLEO and NEO-OLEO make the motors run automatically only at the really needed speed
  • Motive 4: Automatic
    NANO-OLEO and NEO-OLEO adjust flow rate and pressure automatically without any need of EXTERNAL INTERVENTION
  • Motive 5: lower material cost
    With NANO-OLEO or NEO-OLEO you don’t need anymore many components of traditional hydraulic power packs You can cancel cabinet, emergency button, switch, motor control relay, motor overload protection automatic switch;

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