Main body of a single piece of aluminum, for an optimal compromise between weight, rigidity and precision
Modular design with detachable output flange and foot base allows easy and quick conversion between foot and flange mounting
A removable base, with several fixing holes, makes ROBUS-A interchangeable with most of the gearboxes brands
IEC flange and hollow shaft. Choice of hollow input flanges permits direct mounting of any standard motor
Minimum maintenance requirement. All sizes are supplied with long-life synthetic oil.
Unique construction of Robus-A makes it possible to mount any size in any position.
+ 4 interchangeable plugs, including one breather plug and a level plug Please note that the vent plug also allows you to reduce the internal pressure on seals, and thus increases the efficiency of the gearbox




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ROBUS Motor type max Nm
(4 poli)
A2 63-71-80 165
25 63-71-80-90-100-112 350
30 71-80-90-100-112 450
35 71-80-90-100-112 700
40 80-90-100-112-132 1100
50 90-100-112-132-160-180 2500
60 100-112-132-160-180-200 4300

The gearbox model ROBUS-A completes ROBUS range.

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